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Awele/Oware - Mancala HD app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 6752 ratings )
Games Board Strategy
Developer: SOLILAB
Current version: 1.009, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 30 Aug 2008
App size: 117.14 Mb

Awele/Oware is the oldest African board game and is still widely played throughout the world today. Its known by many names. Awele/Oware is a game of strategy and is easy to learn and fun to play. You can play against the computer or a friend. The object of the game is to capture more seeds than your opponent. You sow seeds and capture seeds from you opponent, all the while not starving your opponent. For more information on Awele/Oware, see the Wikipedia page at ""

- Full HD retina
- One or Two players
- 5 different themes
- 3 different difficulty levels
- Game Center

Pros and cons of Awele/Oware - Mancala HD app for iPhone and iPad

Awele/Oware - Mancala HD app good for

I am proud to see this on apple.... I am proud to be African....
Love the sounds, layout, design...makes me feel like Im playing the real thing. For the next update, please disable sound so I can continue to play music in the background.

Some bad moments

I feel ripped off. This game claims to be Mancala but fails to deliver. Although I have nothing against the visual aspect of this application, the rules for this game are absurd! THIS IS NOT MANCALA. A simple google search for how to play mancala will reveil how the game is supposed to be played. Your supposed to deposit stones in your own bank when you go around, but this game does NOT. It also uses these confusing and rediculous capture rules of landing in a pile of 2-3 stones is a capture, as well as capturing stone piles behind it. The instructions are a joke. The developers broken English is so hard to follow I cant even figure out what rules he IS going by! All in all, DONT GET THIS!!!! Unless you play by these weird alien rules that I cant even find on the Internet, look at another choice for apps than this. There is currently a 99 cent version that uses the proper rules, so I have bought both and the cheaper one is true Mancala, I dont know what this is.
These are by far not the rules of mancala. What a rip off. Refund please.

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